FBA: Karabell NBA Draft Recap

Gotta love the NBA draft. Remember what you were doing as a teenager? Can you imagine being at the Garden waiting for a team to draft you and give you millions of dollars? In more cases than not, all you'll be asked to do is practice with the team and sit on the bench. Anyway, we learn some fancy names on NBA draft day and where Croatia is on the map. I enjoy the draft. It's actually instructional for my kids.

Of course, as a fantasy writer and editor, I don't give a whole lot of thought to what's happening during this draft as it relates to my job. In most cases, NBA rookies don't put up great stats, which means they're not to be drafted high in fantasy leagues. Last year only seven rookies averaged at least 10 points per game, and only two averaged more than 6.2 rebounds per (Emeka Okafor and Dwight Howard). I would call last year a pretty good year for rookies, actually, and still, looking at final numbers, only two first-year players finished up in the top 75 on our Player Rater (Howard and Andre Iguodala). Okafor just missed. Avoid rookies in most cases for fantasy.

But it's the day after the draft, and I'm inspired. Here are a few things on my mind that happened Tuesday night in the NBA that will affect fantasy basketball this season.