FBA: 2006 Busts

A few years back, NBA observers thought then-Bulls GM Jerry Krause had lost his mind when he dumped $30 million and change on some guy named Eddie Robinson. But there actually are two things wrong with that picture.

First, this was the same savvy personnel man who once scouted Dickey Simpkins and thought to himself, Damn ... now that's a player. If Krause had been out of his gourd, then Robinson's big payday was just par for the course.

But here's the kicker: The move wasn't nuts. Robinson was a worthy developmental project. He entered the NBA through the back door, but he was a versatile player who some believed was the most talented of the Flint Stones (the unofficial hometown hoops heroes that fed Michigan State's NCAA champion club). He was long (6-9), he could run and he had put up intriguing numbers in limited minutes off the bench in Charlotte.