FBA '06: Hoops Mock Draft

Wanna Mock? OK, here we go. We withheld the names to protect the innocent, but this seems like a pretty good representation of a fantasy basketball draft for mid-August. Everyone knew to drop down Amare. That's a start. Here we go.

1. Team 1 Drafted Kevin Garnett to SF
2. Team 2 Drafted LeBron James to SG
3. Team 3 Drafted Shawn Marion to SF
4. Team 4 Drafted Dirk Nowitzki to SF
5. Team 5 Drafted Tracy McGrady to SG
6. Team 6 Drafted Tim Duncan to PF
7. Team 7 Drafted Gilbert Arenas to PG
8. Team 8 Drafted Dwyane Wade to SG
9. Team 9 Drafted Kobe Bryant to SG
10. Team 10 Drafted Allen Iverson to SG
Analysis: Typical first round, but Team 7 really likes Arenas. He's a fine player, and his stats might rise a bit with Larry Hughes gone, but over Kobe and AI? At 1 and 2, it's either KG or LBJ always, but the third pick is an interesting one. With Amare gone, some people think Marion's stats get better, like in this case Team 3. Others think they don't.

11. Team 10 Drafted Jermaine O'Neal to PF
12. Team 9 Drafted Stephon Marbury to PG
13. Team 8 Drafted Elton Brand to PF
14. Team 7 Drafted Paul Pierce to SG
15. Team 6 Drafted Steve Nash to PG
16. Team 5 Drafted Shaquille O'Neal to C
17. Team 4 Drafted Andrei Kirilenko to F
18. Team 3 Drafted Ray Allen to SG
19. Team 2 Drafted Yao Ming to C
20. Team 1 Drafted Ben Wallace to C
Analysis: Wow, was that Kirilenko slipping all the way down to the 17th pick? Sure was. This is a guy who went fifth in one of my drafts recently, and seventh in another. So to see him slip out of the first round is a bit surprising. Personally, I think he's an early second-rounder. He's still a shot-blocking forward who gets boards and steals and could become a 20-10 someday. Anyway, he's a steal here. Shaq slips a bit, too, but when considering his FT, it makes sense. For Ben Wallace to go in round two, it means that owner wanted a center badly.