FBA: Up-tempo Offenses

Up-tempo basketball usually sounds like a good idea to almost everyone except NBA coaches, but it doesn't always work so well on the floor -- or even in fantasy play.

In general, the benefits of a team that pushes the pace far outweigh the negatives for fantasy owners -- more so than for NBA teams that have to worry about things like defense, depth and preparing for a rugged playoff series. But even us wanna-be GMs have to take some bad with the good -- and in some cases too much bad -- from a player on a squad that was born to run.

The Phoenix Suns are the new patron saints of the fastbreak, but they fly down the floor for one reason only: When they do, they win. Even with Amare Stoudemire sidelined, the Suns still are at their best getting the ball into Steve Nash's hands quickly after rebounds, running the floor and finishing at the bucket or swinging the ball to and around the perimeter for open looks before defenses get set. The result: Last season, Phoenix finished first in scoring, second in field-goal shooting and among the leaders in assist-to-turnover ratio. Nash, Stoudemire, Shawn Marion and Joe Johnson were fantasy stars.