FBA: E-mail Answers

Each Monday, Jason Langendorf chimes in with his take on the world of fantasy hoops. If you have question or comment for Jason, please e-mail him here.

Maybe it's the oyster stuffing or my cousin's cheese-and-bacon-marinated mushrooms still working their magic, but I haven't felt quite right since about midway through the third quarter of Denver-Dallas. (Urp.) So I'll let someone else take the floor this week, which is a cheap way of introducing a new and completely unoriginal (but fantastically helpful) feature in this space: an e-mail of the week.

Cheap and unoriginal actually are two of my best qualities and, more important, going this route should help this column keep a better pulse on the hopes, dreams and fantasy concerns of you, fair readers. So without further ado, the inaugural e-mailer of the week is ... Mike of Chicago. (In the future, Mike, including your last name would help beef up the gravitas of this introduction. And that goes for the rest of you would-be e-mailers of the week.)