FBA: Slow Starters

Each Monday, Jason Langendorf chimes in with his take on the world of fantasy hoops. If you have a question or comment for Jason, please e-mail him here.

Not to overstuff you with any of the turkeys our Eric Karabell made mention of a couple of weeks back, but there seems to be a clamoring--a ruckus, if you will--over some of the NBA's early-season fantasy underachievers. Allow me to offer my take on three of the worst offenders, along with their chances of shaking out of their funks to just plain make it funky.

FC Emeka Okafor, Bobcats. Hopefully you heeded the warning signs and didn't go gonzo to draft Okafor in the first place. His balky back might always be a concern, and his offense--considered raw after four years of college--wasn't likely to improve by leaps and bounds a year after he surprised a bit as a rookie. That said, no one expected his 38.6 percent field-goal shooting or worse turnover numbers in fewer minutes. It just goes to show how little Charlotte added to the mix to take pressure off its franchise player. Continued improvement by Gerald Wallace and Kareem Rush could help, but Okafor needs more and better perimeter threats to draw defenders outside and give him opportunities for offensive rebounds and easy putbacks in order to push that shooting percentage beyond 45 percent.