FBA: Trade Scenarios

Hard to believe, I know, but legitimate NBA trade scenarios really do exist that don't involve A) Ron Artest or B) Isiah Thomas dealing away Stephon Marbury, Channing Frye and expiring contracts for a handful of magic beans.

There don't appear to be any blockbusters in the works -- not yet, anyway -- but more trading of fringe players only means a higher probability of available free agents in fantasy leagues turning into roster-worthy producers. A few of those candidates seem more likely to be moved than others, a group I shall dub Team Trade Bait. Here is its membership, and the likelihood that fantasy owners will have any use for those players' services this season.

Earl Watson, Nuggets. I'm still trying to figure why Denver signed Watson at all, but GM Kiki Vandeweghe apparently has a thing for him. He sounds pretty adamant about keeping Watson around, but ultimately the pull of supply and demand -- the Nuggets have three solid point guards and needs elsewhere -- should get Watson dealt. He's a good defender, a capable setup man and quick enough to get his own shot (though it's nothing much to write home about), so Watson could wind up starting for, say, Atlanta or playing a big-minutes role off the bench in Seattle or a half-dozen other NBA towns. No matter where he lands, he won't suddenly turn into an All-Star. But Watson can put up serviceable numbers in several categories and offer at least utility value in the right situation.