FBA: Late-season thoughts

Each Monday, Jason Langendorf chimes in with his take on the world of fantasy hoops. If you have a question or comment for Jason, please e-mail him here.

With only a few weeks left in the NBA's regular season -- and thus the fantasy hoops season -- folks are getting frantic and there are plenty of topics to cover. So let me just lay a random-thoughts, lightning-round-style rant on you.

• With all the concern over the health of Amare Stoudemire, Jermaine O'Neal and Carlos Boozer -- and whether they could offer meaningful help to fantasy owners over the season's remaining weeks -- many have forgotten something nearly as important: their teammates. Knowing whose minutes, scoring opportunities and roles change most (in this case for the worse) is every bit as important. I haven't caught the Suns on TV since Stoudemire's return, but I'm most worried about Raja Bell (primarily a scorer) and Leandro Barbosa (a borderline guy who gets knocked down a notch in the team's pecking order). A healthy O'Neal theoretically could hurt Danny Granger (though that hasn't happened yet) and surely snuffs David Harrison's quiet emergence. Boozer's teammates seem to have more wind in their sails since he got back and, ironically, have been more productive despite sharing more of the load. Jarron Collins, a fantasy also-ran, is the only loser in the deal.