FBA: Season Recap

I realize there's some inherent lunacy in writing a postseason fantasy column--not a playoffs preview, mind you, but a regular-season roto post mortem. But bear with me. It'll be fun, and I promise I won't completely waste the next 11 minutes of your life. While waxing nostalgic about the year that was, I'll spin things forward and start the search for next year's nuggets.

2005-06 All-Wal Mart Team
(Because in fantasy, it's not about the brand name. It's about value.)

Andres Nocioni, Bulls. He was all elbows as a rookie, but this season he was elbows ... and points ... and rebounds ... and 3s ... and steals. If he and Luol Deng can co-exist, Nocioni's production shouldn't slip in the future.