FBA: 2007 Mock Draft

Round 1
Team 1 LeBron James, Cle, SF
Team 2 Kobe Bryant, LAL, SG
Team 3 Kevin Garnett, Min, SF/PF
Team 4 Dirk Nowitzki, Dal, PF
Team 5 Dwyane Wade, Mia, PG/SG
Team 6 Shawn Marion, Pho, SF/PF
Team 7 Elton Brand, LAC, PF
Team 8 Gilbert Arenas, Was, PG
Team 9 Steve Nash, Pho, PG
Team 10 Allen Iverson, Phi, PG/SG
Our Take: No real stunners here, though the case can be made Marion deserves to go as high as second overall. Note that four point guard eligible players are in this top 10, a true sign assists and steals are always in demand. Who goes first? In general, it will be LeBron, but any number of players will likely go second.

Round 2
Team 10 Chris Paul, NO, PG
Team 9 Ray Allen, Sea, SG
Team 8 Paul Pierce, Bos, SG/SF
Team 7 Chris Bosh, Tor, PF/C
Team 6 Yao Ming, Hou, C
Team 5 Andrei Kirilenko, Uta, SF/PF
Team 4 Tim Duncan, SA, PF/C
Team 3 Chauncey Billups, Det, PG
Team 2 Jermaine O'Neal, Ind, PF/C
Team 1 Dwight Howard, Orl, PF
Our Take: Plenty of size goes off the board in the next 10, including annual first round stalwart Duncan, who slips to 17. Hey, staying healthy is a skill, too. It's possible half of the league's top 10 in blocks were second-rounders in this draft, so if you don't get blocks early, be careful. Team 10 now has two terrific point guards, while Team 2 is hoping for health.

Round 3
Team 1 Joe Johnson, Atl, PG/SG
Team 2 Amare Stoudemire, Pho, PF/C
Team 3 Vince Carter, NJ, SG
Team 4 Tracy McGrady, Hou, SG/SF
Team 5 Michael Redd, Mil, SG/SF
Team 6 Jason Kidd, NJ, PG
Team 7 Ron Artest, Sac, SF
Team 8 Lamar Odom, LAL, SF/PF
Team 9 Marcus Camby, Den, C
Team 10 Carmelo Anthony, Den, SF
Our Take: One of the most interesting picks in every draft will be the Amare one. Last year owners hedged their bets, and got only three games. There's no telling if his knee will ever be the same, so to be drafted this early, good luck. Nearly as stunning is the fall of McGrady, a first-rounder for years who can't stay healthy. Carter and Anthony score a ton, but aren't all-around studs.