FBA: Underachievers

We're almost a month into the 2006-07 season, but it didn't take more than a week or two for many owners to begin their fussin' and cussin' at some of The Association's biggest stars. Each season, there are plenty of pleasant surprises and major disappointments.

Fantasy underachievers come in many shapes and sizes. There are big guys who have seen their roles diminish. Then there are those who have simply fallen out of favor with their head coaches. But the most common factor to sack preseason fantasy darlings is always the nagging injury or, worse yet, a more severe one. I'm sure you can quickly come up with at least one player that perfectly fits under one of the descriptions above. Let's discuss some of these big-name players who have reached a crossroads in their careers.

Zydrunas Ilgauskas has certainly become less of a factor at the offensive end for the Cavaliers. He doesn't move like the All-Star he was two seasons ago and the Cavs don't go to him like one, either. They've still got to pay him for a while, but that apparently has no bearing on the minutes Mike Brown gives him. He's averaging about 25 minutes per game and under 10 points per game. Big Z was the seventh center taken in ESPN leagues, on average, usually in the fourth or fifth round, so calling him disappointing would be putting it lightly. He hasn't scored 20 points in any game this season and is shooting just 43 percent from the field. Although his scoring numbers should get a little better, watching him play in this system doesn't make me feel terribly confident he'll ever be a 16-ppg contributor again.