FBA: Chat Wrap

Keith Lipscomb: It's Monday again, which means it's time to talk fantasy hoops. Hope you all had a nice weekend. Bring the questions!

Ben (Da Bears Country): Brandon Roy has been dropped should I drop Dorell Wright for him? This is a keeper league and Roy, if he can ever get healthy, is gonna be a star. Thanks for the help.

Keith Lipscomb: This may not be the easy choice it would appear to be. Dorell Wright also could be a star in this league in due time. He's younger than Roy - Wright just turned 21 over the weekend - and if you've seen him play, you know he's got plenty of ability. If you're looking for the quicker fix, Roy's your guy. Roy's a lot closer to his ceiling than Wright is, although it's anyone's guess as to whether or not he'll reach that ceiling. I like Wright a lot looking forward, but Roy's the safer option.