FBA: Weekly Scrubs (Feb. 7)

We live in an America where Nick Collison is 99 percent owned. That just ain't right. And it's a fact that reveals another ugly truth: unless you're competing in a four-team league, there's not a player available on the free agent heap who can single-handedly lead you to a championship. So don't think that way.

Yeah, I know. You want to believe -- maybe you need to believe -- that Paul Millsap will make everything alright, that he's a Karl Malone replicant, a must-add keeper. He's not like that at all, though. Watch him. He's kind of a spaz. (In coaching rhetoric, "spaz" translates to "high-energy player." But really he's just a spaz. The dude fouled out at home in less than 19 minutes against Memphis two weeks ago. On Monday night he appeared to commit 16 different fouls on a single drive by P.J. Brown.) This isn't to say that Millsap can't help you. If you're chasing rebounds and blocks, he definitely can.

That's what you should be looking for amid the waiver and free agent detritus: a guy who can provide marginal gains for your team in a category or two without killing you elsewhere. That's it. Don't pin all your hopes to a free agent add. Unless someone in your league makes a truly heinous, unreasonable decision to drop a useful player, there really isn't much out there. If the owners you're competing with are relatively active, then the top 150 players are already gone.