FBA: Market Watch Feb. 26

Yeah, you'll remember this fantasy hoops season for the injuries sustained by big-name players. Here's my sob story: I play in three leagues, and had one exceptional draft. In this league, Rashard Lewis was my third-round pick. At least I have him back. No. 2 was Yao Ming. And my first-rounder? Freaking Dwyane Wade.

This isn't an attempt to elicit sympathy. I've worked through the stages of grief anyway:

Denial -- Yao will be back in a month.
Anger -- Lewis got tangled in the net and mangled the fingers on his shooting hand? Are you kidding me?
Bargaining -- I could use a scorer. This Matt Barnes cat looks like the real deal.
Depression -- I don't care. It's not like there's prize money in this league anyway.