FBA: Weekly scrubs (Feb. 28)

I suppose the video of Shaun Livingston's knee dislocation could have been more disgusting. Like maybe if Derek Anderson had knelt down and started to actually eat Livingston's leg -- that would've been gross. It also would have been a flagrant-two and a big momentum-turner. But on its own, without embellishment, the injury was pretty awful.

Naturally, you cannot escape the highlight. It's all over this website. It's featured on the main page at NBA.com, which seems odd. It's teased on sports shows with the most irresistible of hooks: "This footage is not for the squeamish." And it's really not. Still, I've seen the injury maybe a dozen times. I can't look away. And I'm squeamish.

The reason we're discussing the freakish realignment of Livingston's left leg, of course, is that an injury to an ownable player creates waiver wire opportunities. That's what we look for here. So when the number three player on the ESPN "Most Dropped" list on Tuesday morning is none other than...