FBA: Market Watch March 12

My bold NCAA tourney call? All the five seeds win in the first round this year. While I can see Old Dominion pulling the upset against Butler, I still expect the Bulldogs to prevail. At least that's how I'm approaching my first bracket.

If you love basketball, you gotta love these three weeks in March. But you also need to remember that March is a huge month for NBA fantasy hoops. It's time to make that final push for your league championship. Plus, this time of year, things are changing around the Association. Non-contending teams are looking at promising youngsters, like Memphis with Rudy Gay and Portland with LaMarcus Aldridge. Many other teams are dealing with injuries, and a few veterans who looked buried on the bench for much of the season are now intriguing fantasy options. For instance, there's Eddie Jones. A few weeks ago Jones went from the worst team in the league to the defending champs. Now it's his fantasy fortunes that are dramatically turning for the better.

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