Market Watch: D-Wade, Wallace and J-Rich

The NBA regular season is almost over, and I just thought of something: If this were fantasy football, we wouldn't even be here. I think most fantasy football owners would sooner play hot potato with a rabid porcupine than extend their leagues to Week 17 of the NFL season. They can't bear that their league title could be decided because a couple of stud running backs are being rested for the playoffs while some fourth-string wide receiver who hasn't played all year goes for 10 catches and two scores.

It's funny, but the last month of an NBA season feels a bit like the last week of an NFL season. Injuries are mounting, and teams are turning to their youngsters. The difference is that fantasy hoops owners don't start complaining and they don't stop competing. The savvy and dedicated few dig in. They accept the challenge, and they adapt. If they can't win a championship with Ray Allen, Al Jefferson and Gilbert Arenas, then, by gosh, they'll go for it with Walter Herrmann, Tarence Kinsey and Mardy Collins.

And, maybe, some guy they call D-Wade.