Waiver Wire Work: From Wire to Sleeper

The 2006-07 fantasy hoops season forever will be remembered for the injuries that shook up the landscape.

While always crucial to success, finding solid options off the waiver wire was even more critical as star after star hit the hardwood with injury after injury. Luckily, there were some big time studs available off the wire this season. Consider this: Al Jefferson, Leandro Barbosa, Andris Biedrins, Monta Ellis, David Lee and Josh Childress were all free agent finds earlier this season. That's some serious production.

It's not a coincidence that each of our breakout players experienced a surge in playing time this year. They were all young guys getting their first real look with extended minutes. Minutes and production usually go hand in hand. That sounds pretty easy, right? Well, not really. The hard part is finding out who's going to get the extra minutes, and what they'll make of the opportunity. Maybe this year's group of breakouts can offer some insight about who and what we should be looking for next year.