Answer Guys: Which point guard to add?

Hey, Guys! I'm in first place in a nine-category, head-to-head keeper league. I'm set up for this season, but I have one roster spot to try to collect someone who might be worth keeping. Free agent adds are ranked according to their current value, plus three rounds. So for example, if I added someone like LeBron James as a free agent, he would count as a fourth rounder (first round current value, plus three rounds). At any rate, I have one spot to play with and I'm curious who you think the better keeper is: JaVale McGee or Danilo Gallinari? I know they're both underwhelming options right now, but I'm really just looking for someone to take a chance on. Gallinari theoretically seems to have more talent in a great fantasy system, but McGee is a center and has looked good at times. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance. Rangel