FBA: Second-Half Stumblers

What's the old saying? Something about not being able to understand good without evil? Well, friends, I have seen evil and its face looks the Big Redhead's kid. OK, that's unduly harsh, but we have to open up this puppy somehow. Last week, we covered my second-half sleepers. This week, the stumblers. Don't look directly into their eyes.

Luke Walton, Lakers
It's always dicey to rely on non-shooters whose values take big leaps based on the strength of a good run from the 3-point line. Consider Walton Exhibit A in that argument. Since knocking down 15 of 26 (64.0 percent) from long range and averaging 12.5 points through the end of November, Walton has hit just 13 of 49 (26.5) in nearly twice as many games. His assists and fairly well-rounded numbers are keeping him afloat in roto leagues, but minutes and touches will be scarcer after Lamar Odom and Kwame Brown return from injuries soon, particularly if Brian Cook's shooting stroke doesn't desert him.

Matt Barnes, Warriors
The gravy train, it seems, has come off the tracks. I recently retracted some criticism of Barnes, but I might have to issue a retraction of that retraction if this keeps up. Legalese aside, Barnes no longer is playing or producing like he was a few weeks ago, and the odds are stacked against his value recovering. Like Walton, a hot streak from the field (and 3-point range in particular) transformed Barnes from D-league material to fantasy hero for a brief spell. But Golden State is getting healthy, and Mickael Pietrus is too good a defender on a bad defensive team to take a backseat to Barnes. If Jason Richardson's hand ever heals up (a post-All-Star break return is expected), Barnes' minutes might just about dry up altogether.