FBA: Short-Term Fixes

The NBA doesn't lend itself to fantasy leaguers desperately seeking to make amends for a weak draft. Unlike the NFL, pro hoops injuries rarely turn a glorified bench-warmer into an overnight sensation. And unlike major league baseball and its farm system, in-season D-League call-ups almost never have the mettle to give new life to a sagging roto squad. Just doesn't work that way.

But you aren't necessarily finished if your fantasy team isn't lined with All-Stars. And you don't have to pin your misguided hopes on, say, Jordan Farmar picking up every inch of slack in the event of a Kobe Bryant injury. (Lucky for you.) You just have to carefully determine your needs, know where to look to fill them, and be ready to move on when a good thing goes bad. Below are half a dozen sneaky free-agent pickups who could, for a time, help boost a water-treading club a spot or two in the standings. But if you have George-and-Weezy ambitions, stay on constant watch for better help, even if it's temporary. No one ever reached that dee-luxe apartment in the sky without taking a few risks.

Bostjan Nachbar, Nets
The flu bug making the rounds through the league cost Nachbar a game and probably helped keep him under the radar a few extra days. Don't push your luck any further. If you need 3s, grab Nachbar and assume he'll log around 30 minutes a game while Richard Jefferson is on the shelf. He can shoot (all his percentages are a plus), he's recently shown more rebounding prowess, and nowhere else on the waiver wire will you find the two or three 3-pointers a night he'll provide.