Part 2: Offensive lines affecting keepers

The regular season is over, and there's nothing new to be learned of roughly 60 percent of NFL teams until the draft a few months hence. Or is there?

Take a look at the second installment of a two-part mini-saga (hey, I've gotta sell it, right?) that analyzes the league's 32 offensive lines and their impact on fantasy play. Some of the following merely rehashes or confirms the salient info you picked up through the last 17 weeks of this magic (or tragic) carpet ride. But there's some stuff that'll surprise you, too -- and maybe even make you a little wiser on draft day 2007.

Miami: Maybe the weirdest situation in the league. Seriously, what other NFL team is just as likely to go 4-12 as become a Super Bowl contender next season? The irony is that the offensive line is one of the Dolphins' more stable units. After getting good returns from a ragtag group in 2005, Miami seemingly underachieved up front in '06. But new faces, early injuries and the immobility and indecisiveness of QB Daunte Culpepper masked a moderately talented front five that eventually began to jell. I say a healthy RB Ronnie Brown runs for 1,200 yards in '07, come hell or high water. Everything else is a mystery right now -- but the line should hold.