FBA: Top Keepers

The e-mailers have spoken. It's keeper analysis you want, so it's keeper analysis you shall have. Keep in mind, these rankings will remain somewhat fluid through the end of the season, but those of you with rapidly approaching trade deadlines simply couldn't wait any longer. Impatient buggers.

Captain Obvious couldn't be here tonight, so presenting these awards is … me. No revelations here. Kobe Bryant deserves the top spot. He was the No. 2-per-game fantasy scorer in standard eight-category roto leagues in 2005-06, according to BasketballMonster.com, the same spot he currently occupies this season. He's in his prime at age 28, rates among the more durable superstars and reliably stuffs box scores without regard for changes in his surroundings. Dirk Nowitzki basically is a big man's Kobe. His 3s and lower mileage put him an eyelash ahead of Kevin Garnett, who should age gracefully enough for keeper-league owners over the next 2-3 years. If LeBron James straightens himself out at the line, he'll leap to the head of the class. For now, he's putting a Shaq-like hex on free-throw percentage categories across the land. Gilbert Arenas has arrived. Just beware his turnovers.