FBA: End-Season Game

So much for Elton Brand fading. And Ike Diogu surging. And Lamar Odom being out. Look, I can live with being Ted Williams for a week, but a fantasy expert who slogs below the Mendoza Line for more than a few days can find himself a hash-slinging expert in no time.

Though in my defense … what in the name of great Odom's raven is going on with these injuries? Wasn't it only a few days ago that Dwyane Wade and Odom were ready to square off in a spirited round of everyone's favorite parlor game: Whose Shoulder Injury Is Worse? Now the Lakers are expecting Lamar back Thursday, and Brian Cook -- recently sprained ankle and all -- is fantasy waiver-wire fodder again. Who knows where Luke Walton fits if and when he gets healthy, especially if Kwame Brown continues to play as if he has a care in the world.

And didn't Diogu show enough during the brief absences of Jermaine O'Neal and Jeff Foster to earn a longer look? Fine, Indiana technically still is "in" the pathetic Eastern Conference playoff race and Diogu couldn't check James Gandolfini in a phone booth, but coach Rick Carlisle's commitment to defense has yielded 11 straight losses for the Pacers. Throw us a bone, Rick. At any rate, I'm starting to worry that unless Diogu strong-arms a trade to Phoenix, he'll soon turn up on the And1 Mix Tape Tour with some wacky handle like "Griddle Cakes."