FBA: Dealing with suspensions

Brawl Fallout

Here we are, a week later still wondering when Allen Iverson will be traded, and where. Meanwhile, the team that many feel could wind up with him, the Denver Nuggets, was busy throwing blows in Madison Square Garden late in a blowout victory over the New York Knicks. The league handed down some heavy suspensions Monday and there are a couple of different fantasy ramifications to discuss.

Let's start at the top with NBA scoring leader Carmelo Anthony, who received a 15-game suspension for escalating things by sucker-punching Mardy Collins just as cooler heads appeared to be prevailing. If you own Carmelo, immediately plan to be without him for a month at some point. I expect Anthony to appeal this suspension since he received as many games as Jermaine O'Neal did for his role in the infamous brawl at the Palace just over two years ago. O'Neal's initial penalty was 25 games, but an arbitrator shortened it by 10 games.