FBA: Sell-High Candidates

Each season, there are players that blow up during the first month of the season, only to slump and never sniff their November numbers again. If you have had one of these players, you know how hard it is to trade them when they're rolling because you're afraid that they'll continue along the same path. You consequently are aware of that feeling in the pit of your stomach in January when you begin to think about some of the deals you turned down and how you now can't give that player away.

It's amazing what one month will do to a player's value, especially in the NBA where playing time is often a mystery for many of your end-of-the-bench options in fantasy. The key is to try and pinpoint when a player's value is as high as it ever will be. And if another owner makes you a trade offer, you should always take a look at it and think of the future, not the present when evaluating it. So often, owners just look at a player's current numbers and accept or decline a trade offer based on that. It's short-sighted, because too many other factors have to be considered. The most important of those factors are health history and whether or not a player's opportunity will change for better or worse.

This week, we're going to look at players in different tiers of performance who would qualify as possible "sell high" candidates. Just because a player is mentioned, I'm not urging you to go out and dump him at all cost. These are just individuals that may have reached their ceiling, or are just plain hot right now, and should see their numbers decline some over the next four and a half months.