FBA: A.I.'s trade request

News of Allen Iverson's trade request swept through the sports world quickly on Friday. There's a good chance that you may have even received a trade offer from an Iverson owner sometime that afternoon in hopes of catching you before you caught word of it. OK, it's not as if Iverson is damaged goods or that an owner will be looking to simply dump the former MVP and four-time scoring champ. But it's no secret that there are few teams that Iverson could be traded to that would allow him to squeeze off over 24 shots per game, as he is this season.

The 76ers reportedly would like to send Iverson to a Western Conference team. Let's assume he ends up with a playoff-caliber team. His scoring is sure to take a hit -- how much, is the real question -- but his shooting percentage could improve because he shouldn't be expected to carry so much of the offensive load. The rest is very tough to forecast until we know AI's final destination.

Iverson is hardly the only big name to keep fantasy owners on their toes lately. There have been several who have missed time recently -- some for a couple games (Kobe Bryant and Chris Bosh) and others who are expected to miss significant time. It's a situation that has caused lots of angst for fantasy owners everywhere. And in deeper leagues, there's only so much you can do to plug the leaks that keep springing up.