Eric Karabell's fantasy hoops 'Do Not Draft' list

Which one of these Lakers -- Lonzo Ball, LeBron James, Kyle Kuzma, Brandon Ingram -- will fail to live up to his 2018-19 fantasy draft hype? Photo by Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE via Getty Images

Perhaps you are old enough to remember when the great Jason Kidd entered the NBA as a 21-year-old passing demon out of Cal for the 1994-95 Dallas Mavericks, going No. 2 overall in the draft. Kidd was an instant hit, generating nightly highlight reels, winning top rookie honors and making his first All-Star appearance as a sophomore. He went on to have a long career of triple-doubles that ultimately resulted in his entering the Basketball Hall of Fame, an honor officially bestowed upon him a few weeks ago.

The thing is, I never found Kidd as much fun to roster and rely on in a fantasy basketball league as others. That's because while it certainly was awesome to glean so many assists, steals and rebounds from one point guard, and, at times in his prime, he scored nicely for the position, he could not shoot.

I am not being facetious. Kidd shot precisely 40 percent from the field during 18 seasons, and to me, that awful drag in that critical fantasy category overshadowed much of the good. Kidd was also not much of a scorer most of the time, so that was another issue to consider in constructing a fantasy roster.

Well, Los Angeles Lakers