Eric Karabell's fantasy NBA 'Do Not Draft' list

Want to be a fantasy basketball champion? Then you should think twice about drafting players like Kawhi Leonard too early. Ron Turenne/NBAE via Getty Images

All credit due to new LA Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard, for he is a wonderful basketball player and carried his Toronto Raptors to an unlikely championship a few months ago, but for fantasy managers, be careful here. Not only is Leonard unlikely to suit up for more than 60 games this season -- why would he all of a sudden? -- but some of the numbers he provides might not be what you think they are. Leonard scores a lot, rebounds a little and is incredibly efficient. He's also a defensive marvel, racking up the steals. But others in Rounds 1 and 2 do these things and more, and most play a lot more games.

With that, it is high time for another oft-misunderstood edition of the fantasy basketball "Do Not Draft" list, and the fanciest names on it are Leonard and