Fantasy basketball ultimate draft board: The best players in the right spots

It's all about timing in fantasy basketball drafts when it comes to maximizing value. At what point should you be aiming to lock Jayson Tatum into your roster? Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

What do you want your team to look like?

This is a question that you should really ask yourself before your draft, and you should enter the draft with an answer in mind. Because the reality is, most of the people in your leagues aren't going to really go into the draft with much of a plan and will instead just hope for the best. So if you do come in prepared, with an idea about what the talent looks like at different parts of the draft, it will give you a leg up on the competition right from the opening tip.

There are lots of ways to build a championship-caliber squad, and ultimately you'll need to come up with the strategy that works best for you. In my experience, I like the old "practice makes perfect" adage, so I like to do mock drafts before my real drafts to get a feel for which players should be available in each round.

Will my sleeper picks be there, or does everyone know about them, so they go earlier than expected? Similarly, are there really good players who are just ranked lower than expected and thus likely to go later than they should? Having answers to these kinds of questions beforehand is very valuable when it comes time for your real drafts.

To that end, here's a quick look at how drafts have been shaping up so far. Utilizing average draft pick (ADP) data, I've gone through and looked at the types of players who are going at different spots in the draft. Here are some of the players who catch my eye at different spots in different rounds, given their ADP slots.

Round 1: The Big 6 plus