Fantasy hoops: H2H categories draft tiers by position

Can you really count on Paul George to play most of the games this season? How much does that impact his draft-tier status? Brian Rothmuller/Icon Sportswire

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Value is the key in any fantasy sports draft, and preparing ahead of time with a tiered system helps determine the best way to construct a team while all the craziness is going on. You know what I mean: The clock is ticking, pressure is on, and you need to make a pick, every little bit of planning aids. Even in fantasy basketball, with so many individuals offering up eligibility at multiple positions, and regardless of draft format, separating players into groups by value -- tiers, if you will -- can be critical in making quick and proper decisions.

For example, assuming one needs to fill specific positions on their roster and everyone is not simply utility, you might be sitting there in the seventh round, wondering what to do next. You could be absent a small forward, a position that I believe lacks the reliable primary depth of the other spots, there is one option at that spot remaining in a certain group, and the next tier is not so attractive. Meanwhile, at shooting guard and center, several fellows appear statistically indistinctive from one another. Well, take the small forward!

Whatever the case, this can really help when time is running out and you need that singular sign of which player to choose next. Each season is a bit different, too, so you might find that your tiers are largely different than they were only a year ago, and this practice could affect your early-round selections as well. Good luck!

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