NBA fantasy draft cheat sheet

Dominate your league like LeBron with ESPN's fantasy cheat sheet. ESPN Illustration

This file was updated Thursday, Oct. 17.

Do you feel unprepared for your NBA fantasy draft? You're not alone -- it's not easy keeping up with all the player movement, injuries and new faces around the NBA. That's why we're here to help you get up to speed faster than LeBron James on the break. Learn all you need to know to dominate your league and do so in only a matter of minutes with our quick-and-easy Cheat Sheet filled with only the most critical lists you'll need. We've tapped into the minds of Insider's top NBA experts to comb through the details and provide you with all the insight you'll need to out-draft everyone in your league.

Included in ESPN's Fantasy Basketball Cheat Sheet, you'll find:

• 15 of the most undervalued and overvalued players based on their Average Draft Position

• Three under-the-radar sleepers at each position who can be had for a bargain

• Joe Kaiser's complete rookie rundown -- the impact players, the sleepers and the ones to avoid at all costs -- as well as top second-year breakout candidates

• Bradford Doolittle's 10 players primed for a huge increase in playing time

• 10 players whose numbers will benefit (or suffer) most from changing teams, by Amin Elhassan

• Top specialists who can single-handedly help you win a category (STL, BLK, 3PT, REB)

• Bradford Doolittle's top 10 breakout players by projected WARP

• The 10 players most likely to be traded, according to Kevin Pelton

All of it is at your fingertips below. We did all the work for you, and that's an alley-oop if there ever was one!