FFL Draft Kit: List Draft Strategy

You've sent out a note to the entire league regarding your draft date. Quickly, the protests come rolling in. One guy can't make it because his brother is getting married. Another can't because he's going to see the Police reunion show, and he paid a ticket broker for the seats many months ago. Another guy is booked for a Star Wars convention on that date, and there's no way he's going to return that stormtrooper outfit he just had custom-made. Not even if he gets the first pick.

Getting everyone together for a draft on the same day can sometimes appear to be more challenging than trying to get a golden ticket from Willy Wonka. Yet there is a prime alternative that works well for everyone and gives you a chance to map out your own drafting strategies ahead of time at your own convenience. Automatic, or "list" drafting, has become more of a friendly way to draft teams in recent years. The method allows fantasy players to plan for their draft on their own schedule, and is often less stressful for a newer fantasy player.

Once a league commissioner or creator sets up a draft date and time, fantasy players in list drafts can then "pre-rank" their list of preferred players before the selection process. Making a list of preferred players beforehand means no player has to be present at the draft, and the league system then automatically selects players off every roster in every round, taking the highest-available ranked player on each team's list when it is its turn to pick. The picks are made without exceeding the maximum number of players at each position, until a roster is fully filled out.