Fantasy Football 2007 Draft Slot Rankings

Ever want to know if it's in your best interest to trade the 1st overall pick for pick No. 5 and No. 22? It's tough to quantify the value of such a move without having a real gauge for how much those picks are worth. During the real NFL draft, teams use a value chart in order to determine the relative worth of draft picks.

The charts below establish those values for you in fantasy football. By ranking every skill position player based on his Value Above the Mean (VAM) score at his position, it is possible to quantify the real value of each draft slot. Simply take a number -- we took 1,000 -- and assign it as the score of the top-ranked player in those rankings. For the next player, use the following formula [(current player's VAM/previous player's VAM) X (previous player's score)] to determine his VAM score.

You'll notice that the draft slot scores change based on how many teams are in your league, so make sure you are using the appropriate chart. If you happen to notice a negative number, know that they represent players who will score less than the VAM for their positions, so the first negative number represents the first player who isn't a "plus" on your team. Good luck!