Peyton Manning Is A First Rounder

Our fantasy football forefathers have warned us about the dangers of drafting a quarterback in the first round. Well, I'm not 100 years old, but I've been guilty of dispensing this advice, as well. Problem is, I no longer believe it.

Peyton Manning has convinced me this strategy is ready to be tweaked. Folks, we're dealing with a player who has forced us to re-evaluate conventional wisdom. He's that good, that consistent, that durable, and he's also someone who isn't an ordinary running back sure to burn me. I'm ready for 30 TD passes. And I'm willing to call out Peyton's name among the first six or seven players overall.

Sure, I might be able to get a star QB seven rounds later. I know how it works in normal leagues, and I'm usually the one drafting running backs for the first hour, even though I can't activate them all at once. Someone always gets hurt, and really, what could be better trade bait? But look closer at your drafts from last season. I think it's nearly as likely to uncover some star, sleeper RB in the middle rounds.