Fantasy Football: In-Season Management

You are a drafting Zeus. You scouted like Scott Pioli, you snookered the fish in front of you into taking kickers in the first round, and your roster is dripping with the kind of potential that makes Mel Kiper weep. Good for you. But to paraphrase that fantasy pioneer Duke Ellington, "It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that ring." And you won't get that ring unless you have the wisdom and daring to conquer the trials that await you.
Here's how.


The question I invariably get asked the most is "Should I give up on [insert slow starter here]?" Take a breath. Realize there's a reason you picked Player X. Provided his situation hasn't changed (e.g., no injury, still has a starting job), his statistics will even out. Marvin Harrison, for one, didn't score during the first month of 2006, but by season's end he had hit double digits in TDs for the eighth straight year.