Engel: One-Man Mock Draft

Here is my updated version of the one-man mock draft for the 2007 season, based on standard ESPN scoring and roster guidelines. Keep in mind that this is not a list of how players are ranked, but one man's advance view of how the first six rounds of a draft in a 10-team league should proceed this season.

Round 1

1. LaDainian Tomlinson: The easy No. 1 pick in most leagues this year. There are no major questions surrounding him at all, unlike a few of the other top running backs.
2. Larry Johnson: Some want to shake things up and make other players the second pick, but not me. I keep Johnson here unless Brodie Croyle starts over Damon Huard.
3. Steven Jackson: Receptions will be down a bit from last year with more balance in the St. Louis passing game, and he could lose a few touchdown chances to newcomers, but he's still a great third pick after Tomlinson and Johnson.
4. Frank Gore: He has earned elite status, but he won't score as many touchdowns as the three running backs taken ahead of him.
5. Willie Parker: He will remain the main man on offense, as the Steelers haven't acquired anyone who can steal goal-line carries.
6. Brian Westbrook: Even if rookie Tony Hunt gets a few scoring chances, it won't cut into Westbrook's overall production much.
7. Joseph Addai: He's on the verge of a big breakout and is going to produce excellent all-around fantasy numbers.
8. Rudi Johnson: You simply can't argue with the annual consistency.
9. Shaun Alexander: Lingering concerns about his foot drop his value for now.
10. Reggie Bush: He is ready for a very big year and will go earlier in leagues that award points for receptions.