Celebrity Lounge: Sullivan queen of her leagues

Nicole Sullivan, a regular on the hit TV show "King of Queens," rose to stardom playing many memorable characters on "Mad TV." The versatile actress/comedienne also handles life as an NFL fan from a few different perspectives.

There is Nicole Sullivan, the longtime San Francisco 49ers fan and native New Yorker who grew up watching football with her father. There is Nicole Sullivan, the dedicated Monday Night Football watcher who never seems to miss a game. And of course, there is Nicole Sullivan, the fantasy owner who plays in two leagues.

"I had always heard so much about fantasy football, but I thought it was the wrong way to watch the game," Sullivan said. "I thought it would work against you, because you might end up rooting against your favorite team or players. But now I'm not a dissenter in any way. Once you do it, it is startling how addictive it is. I can still keep an eye on my favorite team, but I'm also paying attention to everything that is going on in the league."