FFL Mailbag - July 12

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Preston Kresovich, Washington: I am in a 12-team league, and we can keep two guys. I just traded Culpepper for a first-round pick, so now I have two first-rounders. I am keeping Shaun Alexander and either Tiki Barber or Tatum Bell. Which of the two would you suggest keeping, the reliable veteran or the unproven youngster?

Engel: While Barber could still deliver another good season, Bell is on the apparent verge of becoming Denver's next standout RB, although he might have to fully beat out Mike Anderson for the majority of the carries in the backfield. But in a keeper league, it's always better to go with the pure upside choice, and it appears to be just a matter of time before Bell fully takes over as a starter for Denver. So keep Bell, and then you actually might have a shot at getting a top quarterback again in the draft. Ideally, you would have probably liked to keep all three, and by making the trade, you can ultimately get around the two-keeper rule and still end up with the three players you may have wanted. Trading a player for a pick could turn out to be a very clever move on your part.