Madden takes Fantasy to new levels

The fantasy football season excites many of us so much that we simply can't get enough. Before and after our draft, and before the season, we all seem to hunger for more fantasy football activity. We make trades, we talk trash, yet we still want more. It's just too fun and addictive.

Well, if you want more fantasy football, whenever you want it, you should pick up Madden NFL '06, which has a built-in fantasy mode that lets you play with your fantasy team whenever you want, while taking you in new and interesting directions. Not only can you draft your team, but you can actually control its players and everything else associated with your fictional "franchise."

"The key is the unique amount of depth that the game has," said Phil Frazier, producer of the popular video football game. "Our franchise mode can give you a fantasy experience that you can't get anywhere else. You can create absolutely everything for your team."