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KISS tribute artist Val Popovic, who recently starred in a full-length Showtime original movie, lives quite a fantasy life. Popovic isn't a well-known celebrity himself, but he certainly likes to replicate one. When he's not portraying his idol, Ace Frehley, for die-hard KISS fans all over the country, Popovic spends much of his free time playing fantasy football and watching the NFL.

"When I'm playing Ace Frehley, I'm doing something special. I'm reproducing the music and image of one of the greatest guitarists ever," Popovic said. "When I'm not onstage as Ace, I'm a total Raiders fan. They make me get out of my seat and yell, much like people do at KISS concerts."

Popovic plays in the tribute band Larger Than Life, which was featured in the Showtime original movie, Tribute: A Rockumentary. The film chronicles the ups and downs of Larger than Life and tribute bands for Judas Priest, Queen and the Monkees. Popovic is a main focus of the film, as he expresses his passion for playing his hero onstage and shows off his own smoking Les Paul guitar, the signature stage effect of Frehley during the classic KISS years. When Popovic isn't wearing silver and black Raiders garb, he's wearing silver makeup.