FFL: Lineup Rankings

Having trouble making a tough lineup decision? The Lineup Rankings can help you make the right call! We rate players based on possible fantasy production each week, taking into account past production as well as matchups. These are not overall player rankings, but rather a list of who you should start for the upcoming week. Top superstars will rarely get moved out of the prime spots, as they should not be benched unless injured. Players with an unclear injury status for the upcoming week will not be included. All four major offensive positions and defense/special teams units are ranked.


1. Peyton Manning at Bal.
2. Daunte Culpepper vs. T.B.
3. Donovan McNabb at Atl.
4. Trent Green vs. NYJ

5. Marc Bulger at SF
6. Brett Favre at Det.
7. Tom Brady vs. Oak.
8. Kerry Collins at NE
9. Carson Palmer at Cle.
10. Jake Delhomme vs. NO
11. Chad Pennington at KC
12. Joey Harrington vs. GB
13. Matt Hasselbeck at Jac.
14. Drew Brees vs. Dal.
15. Byron Leftwich vs. Sea.
16. Jake Plummer at. Mia.
17. Aaron Brooks at Car.
18. Kurt Warner at NYG
19. Brian Griese at Min.
20. Michael Vick vs. Phi.
21. Ben Roethlisberger vs. Ten.
22. Steve McNair at Pit.
23. Eli Manning vs. Ari.
24. Drew Bledsoe at SD
25. Patrick Ramsey vs. Chi.
26. David Carr at Buf.
27. Kyle Boller at Ind.
28. Tim Rattay vs. Stl.
29. J.P. Losman vs. Hou.
30. Kyle Orton at Wash.
31. Trent Dilfer vs. Cin.
32. Gus Frerotte vs. Den.