FFL: Opening Approaches

The opener of the new fantasy football season is finally here, and you're certainly anxious as you try to make the right lineup calls. You try to gain any edge you can, and that usually involves exploiting what seem to be the best matchups.

But there is a great tendency to overthink such decisions at the beginning of the year. Many of the trends that will define the 2005 season are not yet apparent, so it's not easy to make a decision between Larry Fitzgerald and Laveranues Coles. And the upside of players like Mike Anderson and Willie Parker seem to make them great starts.

But right now, we don't really know who the next Reuben Droughns is, even if Parker seems to be the first candidate. We really don't know just how well Kurt Warner will play with great young receivers. There are too many unknown factors, such as how good Minnesota's defense might be, or how well Carnell Williams might play.