FFL: Sunday Review

Ten key fantasy observations from Sunday's games, with analysis of the important trends and an eye toward next week and beyond:

Kansas City has two fine starting RBs for fantasy purposes: The Chiefs won't sit Priest Holmes enough to make us not start him, but Larry Johnson has gained too much confidence from the coaching staff not to play often. Kansas City has a terrific offensive line and two RBs who can explode any time they touch the ball. The Chiefs will use Johnson enough to keep Holmes from getting overworked and in an effort to keep him healthy. Holmes' game-by-game production might slip a bit this season when he's available, and Johnson, who can rip off a big run any time he gets a carry, has clearly become the ultimate "flex" position player if your league allows for such a starting spot. These two RBs can indeed coexist while producing quality fantasy numbers quite often. Holmes will see more work, though, and he should be much more consistent than Johnson.

Tiki can still be outstanding: Another pair of RBs who can coexist while still giving you good fantasy numbers is Tiki Barber and rookie Brandon Jacobs. Yes, Jacobs looked very impressive in his NFL debut. He's big and quick and has great balance that makes it even more difficult for tacklers to bring him down. He made his presence known with a 5-yard TD run. But Barber also showed he still has big-play skills with a 21-yard TD run and 122 yards from scrimmage, so don't count on his numbers falling off in a major way. Jacobs can be a good flex option, but Barber remains a top fantasy starter until further notice.