FFL: Week 1 Recap

Surprising. Unbelievable. Wild and wacky. (That last one I especially like. Because as we all know, the only thing wilder than wild is excessive wackiness.) It was those words, along with maybe 700 other throwaway phrases, that I heard or read used to describe the NFL's Week 1.

But how many similar opening weeks does the league need to have before we no longer are surprised, we finally believe and the proceedings simply aren't so wild or wacky to us? Seriously, isn the era of parity, don't a few teams annually emerge from the ether to contend? Aren't there several inexplicable collapses? And don't goofy upsets happen nearly every week, signifying nothing more than the fact that less separates this league from head to toe than separated the head and toes of the late, beloved Herve Villachaize?

What am I driving at? Well, other than finding a cheap way to drop a reference to Tatoo into this column, I'm preaching patience. Just chill if Jason Witten finishes with one catch for 12 yards. Don't wig out because Roy Williams is held to two receptions for 13 yards. And taking another view, avoid giddily rushing to the computer to add WR Frisman Jackson (8-128-1) or TE Chris Baker (7-124-1) from the waiver wire.