FFL: Upcoming Trends

There already has been much talk about how you should not panic after the first week of the fantasy football season. Really, it isn't easy to stick with some nonproducing players after Week 1 when you've waited so many months for the season to start and there is only one game per week.

So if you lost your first game, you've likely already been putting out lots of feelers for trades. And you are considering making drastic lineup changes for the second week. But things are only going to change even more. Here are some coming trends, some unexpected, that might develop in the weeks ahead. You might not have seen signs of all of these happening yet, but it's only Week 1. Well, you've heard that before.

The Baltimore passing game will improve: No one wants to see an injury, but the Ravens are better off with Anthony Wright than Kyle Boller. While Wright shouldn't start for your fantasy team, he has a strong arm and lots of confidence, and he'll keep the numbers of Derrick Mason at a quality level while moving the offense into scoring position enough for Jamal Lewis and Chester Taylor to get regular red-zone carries.