FFL: Sunday Review

We give you 10 key fantasy observations from Sunday's games, with analysis of the important trends and an eye toward next week and beyond:

More Minnesota frustration: We all saw the terrible results the Vikings delivered in Week 2. While you may have thought it couldn't get any worse for the Vikes after the opener, it did. Will the team continue to look terrible offensively? Minnesota didn't score its first TD of the season until it mustered a garbage-time run by Daunte Culpepper late in the game.

No one is getting open for Culpepper, who seems to be forcing the ball into coverages while hesitating to take off and scramble quite often. Culpepper was intercepted five times, an astounding new career high. Culpepper has no one to get the deep ball to, and his receivers aren't making the tough catches on shorter passes. Nate Burleson has yet to show he can handle facing top cover cornerbacks every week. Michael Bennett lost two fumbles and appears to be all but officially finished as a viable fantasy selection. A switch to Mewelde Moore would not be surprising anytime soon.