FFL: Monday Outlook

On Mondays, we examine news and trends from Sunday's games, and look ahead to the upcoming week

Not easy having Green: The Chiefs have a great pair of running backs, but the statistical production of Trent Green has fantasy owners worried. Is he really a top five QB, as he was advertised to be during the preseason?

Green has failed to throw a TD in his first two games, after coming off a season in which he sets new highs in TD passes (27) and yardage (4591). But the past two seasons are indicators that Green often starts slowly in the TD department. In 2004, he did not throw a scoring pass in his first two games, either, and then delivered a three-TD outing in the third game. In 2003, he threw one TD pass in four straight games to open the season, but then threw five TD passes in a two-game stretch.