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Bob Bullano, Platte City, Mo.: What do you suggest I do with the Kansas City RBs? I have both Priest Holmes and Larry Johnson and can't see starting them both in a league with just two RB spots and no flex position. Last week I did, but what about the future? I also have Domanick Davis and Thomas Jones.

Engel: In any format, Johnson should not be started over most top RBs who get regular touches. Davis posted decent numbers against the Steelers last week, and after his bye in Week 3, he should be your regular starter with Holmes as he continues to perform well overall after opening the season with two difficult matchups (Buffalo, Pittsburgh). For this week, it's a closer call between Jones, who has started very well, or Johnson. Jones has started well, but he faces a much-improved Bengals defense. Go with Johnson for Week 2 in a divisional game Monday night at Denver.