Waiver Wire Work

Each week, Kevin Rounce will discuss five players, owned in less than 50 percent of leagues, who are making fantasy headlines.

Trent Dilfer
47-75 614 Yards 4 TDs and 2 INTs
Quick! Name the top two leaders in passing yards after two games. McNabb? Nope. Manning? Again, no. Would you believe Carson Palmer? Sure you would. But just three yards behind him is Trent Dilfer. Yes, that Trent Dilfer. Owner of a Super Bowl ring and restricted to backup duty in Seattle the past four seasons. Granted, Cincy and Green Bay are hardly defensive stalwarts, but Dilfer has great weapons around him at receiver. Dilfer is a smart quarterback. He may be a little mistake prone, but he knows how to run a team, and won't try to do too much. All that said, it might be tempting to pick him up if you have a struggling QB, but you have to look ahead at his schedule. He's at Indy, a vastly improved defense, and then a bye week. After that it's Chicago and Baltimore, two very opportunistic defenses. He won't have another favorable matchup until Week 7 when he faces Detroit.

Marcel Shipp
19 car. 64 yards, 7 rec. 44 yards
The word around the desert is that due to a stomach flu, J.J. Arrington may not start this week and after a strong outing against St. Louis, Shipp may start for the Cards for the foreseeable future. Shipp is a more powerful back than Arrington, though not as shifty. He will definitely give the Seahawks a tougher task this weekend as they generally struggle with a power back. It is good, at this time, to handcuff Shipp to Arrington if you have one of them. Obviously, Dennis Green likes Arrington. He gave him the job out of camp, so at some point, it would not be that surprising to see Arrington back in the lineup. Even now, he'll get the occasional carry, but Shipp will get the bulk and could have a good game against Seattle in Week 3.